Website Maintenance


Ondgo Solutions provides website management and maintenance services for business websites. Our team of professional website designers and developers strongly believe in the evolution of business websites. We are interested in long-term relationships with organizations that are fully committed to the success of their online initiatives. Outsourcing your web site maintenance and updates can enable you to focus your company’s time and resources on revenue generating opportunities without the headache of trying to do it yourself.


Fast Turnaround


If you have an urgent need, call us now at 678-765-9768


ALL Web site maintenance Package includes following services:


    • Update, correct or create new web pages as requested
    • Image scanning, optimization and creation of graphics
    • Verify all links
    • Provide e-mail/phone consultation for online marketing
    • Cross-platform testing and uploading pages to the web server
    • Back up data on CD-ROM and via zipped emailed files


***Each time a request is made to update your website, we will tell you how long it will take, for ex: adding a new web page could take 15 minutes, so you can subtract it from your available time.***


Rollover Hours


Almost every business has a busy time and a slower time. You might need more edits and changes done on your site some months (for special events, marketing, etc.) than others. We will bank any unused hours from your maintenance package into the next month. For Example: If you have a small business web maintenance package and only use 2 hours one month, and then 4 hours the next, you won't be paying extra money for editing time you didn't get.


On Hourly Bases


If you think that you will not make many changes to your website regularly, we can provide maintenance services on an hourly basis. ($75 per hr., 1 hour Minimum charge. Billed in 15 Minute increments after the first hour.)


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